Looking forward to getting your Zoom Halo?

  1. Does it fit on a desktop or a Mac?

The Zoom Halo can be clipped on to any surface up to 1.5cm (a little more than half an inch). If your monitor is one of the thinner models, the clamp should have no issue fitting over the top. However, if the edge of the screen is thicker than 1.5cm, this light might not fit. 

  1. How does the light go onto your laptop or phone?

Hold the Zoom Halo by the light face and use your thumb to press the clip. The clip will open to allow you to snap the Zoom Halo onto any laptop, phone, webcam, or monitor that is less than 1.5cm in thickness at the edges.

  1. Can this be used with an external webcam?

Of course! The Zoom Halo is a studio-style light that illuminates your face during video conferences. Our light can be used to enhance the lighting with any external webcam. If your webcam is flat (that is, has a flat, clipp-able surface), you can slip the Zoom Halo directly on to the webcam. Otherwise, many of us love to clip the Zoom Halo to any surface in front of us and near the webcam for the video conference glow.

  1. Does it come with a long charging cord?

The Zoom Halo comes with a charging cord that is 10 inches long. You will be able to use your charged Zoom Halo on-the-go, or keep it plugged into your workstation for all-day lighting.

  1. Where is my order?

You can track your order anytime with our Order Tracking Page.

Due to recent events with USPS, you may experience a delay of a day or two in when USPS marks your package as “Delivered” and when it actually arrives at your door. If this happens to you, let the Zoom Halo team know and we will work right alongside you in reaching out to USPS for updates!

  1. What is the return policy?

The Zoom Halo team will always have your back. If you should run into any issues with your Zoom Halo, please reach out to customer care at support@zoomhalo.com. The Zoom Halo team will always be happy to assist you with your return.

  1. Where does it ship from?

Every Zoom Halo ships from our wonderful warehouse in New Jersey.

  1. Do you provide services for large orders and corporate gifts?

Yes! The Zoom Halo is a perfect corporate gift during these times. Please visit our Corporate Gifting page to get started on your corporate order. 

Tips and Tricks in Using your Zoom Halo

  1. How do I turn on the light?

On the back of the Zoom Halo, you will see a white button. Pressing this button once will turn on the Zoom Halo. Pressing this button again will increase the brightness setting on your light! The Zoom Halo features 3 different brightness settings, all accessible by pressing this white button on the back. To turn off the Zoom Halo, simply press this button again.

  1. How do I charge my Zoom Halo?

The Zoom Halo is compatible with any micro-USB cable, and comes with one that is 10 inches long. To charge your light, plug the smaller end of this cable into the port on the side of the Zoom Halo. Then, taking the larger end of this cable, plug the USB into any port on your laptop, monitor, or wall charger. You will see a small red light on the back of the Zoom Halo, which indicates that it is successfully charging.

  1. I wear glasses, how do I avoid a glare?
Some of our customers like to clip their Zoom Halo light on the side of their computer screen, as opposed to over the camera on top. This way, they aren't staring directly into the light as they're addressing or looking into the webcam. For example, you can clip the Zoom Halo on the bottom left side of the screen to avoid a direct glare. You might also find the eye strain improved on the bottom left or right of the monitor (either works!).